Trev Wilcox

Who I Am

Dad/Husband. Martial Minimalist. Kettlebeller. Designer. Coffee Lover. Comic Geek (not necessarily in that order).

What I do

At this stage of my career, my work revolves around designing and developing stunning websites that communicate your brand. If you need help in creating a custom, user-friendly website, drop me a line.

If you dig my martial arty stuff, and want to hook up for training, then hit me up (see what I did there?). I don’t currently hold open classes, but can entertain personal training and small group sessions and workshops.

Where I live

I grew up in Australia, and as all my high school friends once prophesized, I have ended up living in Hong Kong.

I have been here now since 2006, speak pretty decent survival Cantonese, and am married to a local gal with two gorgeous (they take after mum) young kids.